Three Things That Can Happen to Your Well After a Flood

Floods are the world’s most common natural disaster, and they’re a major problem in the United States. While some of the damage that floodwater causes is obvious, you may not know that flooding can damage your private well. Here are three things that can happen to your well after a flood. It could collapse Floodwater is a lot stronger than it looks. When floodwater is moving at only seven miles per hour, it’s as strong as the wind speed of a EF5 tornado! The force of this water can damage the casing that surrounds your well, and that allows mud, Read More →

Ways to Conserve Water in Your Hotel Establishment

Too often, guests don’t consider their impact on the environment while staying at hotels. Water usage, in particular, is one of the biggest sources of expense that a hotel owner faces. Guests may go out of their way at home to save water, but when they travel and stay at hotels, they forget or don’t bother with water-conservation efforts. The reason may be that guests don’t have to pay the water bill at their hotel. As a hotel owner, you are keenly aware of how fast wasting water can make a utility bill rise. Here are some ways to conserve Read More →

The Steps For Draining Your Hot Water Tank

There will eventually come a point where you have to drain out your home’s hot water tank. This is because sediment gradually collects in the tank over time. The sediment can move around the tank and cause a banging sound, but it can also cause your water heater to use more energy to heat up the water inside it. Draining the tank is something that you can do without the help of a professional by following these steps. Shut Off The Tank’s Heating Element You’ll need to start by turning off the hot water tank’s heating element. If it is Read More →